2002 eTopps Event Series

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2002 eTopps Event Series is an eight-card multi-sport set commemorating sporting achievements of 2002. Each card was sold exclusively on the eTopps platform and produced to order.


Oakland-Athletics-Team.jpg?id=20e477dc-f1d2-4372-a538-b7b6941d2e70&size=original&side=front&.jpg Oakland-Athletics-Team.jpg?id=20e477dc-f1d2-4372-a538-b7b6941d2e70&size=original&side=back&.jpg

ES-1 Mike Cameron 5000

ES-2 Shawn Green 5000

ES-3 Shaquille O'Meal 3000

ES-4 Oakland Athletics STREAK 5000

ES-5 Greg Maddux 3851

ES-6A Jerry Rice 3579

ES-6B Emmitt Smith 7184

ES-8 Marvin Harrison 952