1997 Mariners Upper Deck Pepsi

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Upper Deck created two team sets for the Seattle Mariners in 1997 in association with Pepsi. One set of 19 cards were inserted into specially-marked 12-packs of Pepsi Cola products in the Pacific Northwest. The other set is a 21-card set that was given away at a Mariners game.

Both sets look nearly identical, as they both take the 1997 Upper Deck design and replace the copper-foil "strip" on the front and replace it with blue. The checklists are nearly the same.

Cards given away at the game are sequentially-numbered with a "P" prefix; while those inserted into Pepsi 12-packs have a "M" prefix.



Game Set

  • P1 Joey Cora
  • P2 Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • P3 Jay Buhner
  • P4 Alex Rodriguez
  • P5 Norm Charlton
  • P6 Edgar Martinez
  • P7 Paul Sorrento
  • P8 Randy Johnson
  • P9 Rich Amaral
  • P10 Russ Davis
  • P11 Greg McCarthy
  • P12 Jamie Moyer
  • P13 Jeff Fassero
  • P14 Scott Sanders
  • P15 Dan Wilson
  • P16 Mike Blowers
  • P17 Bobby Ayala
  • P18 Brent Gates
  • P19 John Marzano
  • P20 Lou Piniella
  • NNO Coupon Sponsor Card
  • NNO Pepsi-Cola Co. Sponsor Card

12-Pack Inserts

  • M1 Joey Cora
  • M2 Ken Griffey, Jr.
  • M3 Jay Buhner
  • M4 Alex Rodriguez
  • M5 Norm Charlton
  • M6 Edgar Martinez
  • M7 Paul Sorrento
  • M8 Randy Johnson
  • M9 Rich Amaral
  • M10 Russ Davis
  • M11 Bob Wolcott
  • M12 Jamie Moyer
  • M13 Bob Wells
  • M14 Mac Suzuki
  • M15 Dan Wilson
  • M16 Tim Davis
  • M17 Bobby Ayala
  • M18 Salomon Torres
  • M19 Raul Ibanez