1997 Fleer Million Dollar Moments

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Bill-Mazeroski.jpg?id=340da515-b72a-476b-8bb9-c0ea417dd7c4&size=original&side=front&.jpg Bill-Mazeroski.jpg?id=340da515-b72a-476b-8bb9-c0ea417dd7c4&size=original&side=back&.jpg

1997 Fleer Million Dollar Moments is a 50-card, cross-brand, insert set included in a variety of late-year 1997 and early-year 1998 baseball packs. These 50 cards have a mix of retired legends with contemporary stars, highlighting some of the key moments in baseball history. The first 45 cards in the set are, by far, the most common to find. Cards 46-50 are extremely short-printed with each card being tougher to find than the next (It is believed that Fleer only produced a single copy of Joel Youngblood's card.). Prior to the July 31st, 1998 deadline, collectors could mail in their 45-card sets (plus $5.99 for postage and handling) and receive a complete 50-card exchange set.

Lucky collectors that managed to obtain one or more of the SPed cards could receive a shopping spree at selected Hobby shops. Each SP card had to be mailed in along with a complete 45-card set to receive the following shopping allowances:

  • 46 cards: $100
  • 47 cards: $250
  • 48 cards: $500
  • 49 cards: $1000

A grand prize of $1,000,000 cash (payable in an annuity of 20 annual $50,000 increments) was available for the one lucky collector that could obtain and redeem the complete 50-card set. It is unclear is anyone ever claimed the million dollar prize.

Fleer also produced similar Million Dollar Moments sets for basketball and football, with those sports also offering a $1,000,000 grand prize. Like with baseball, it is unclear if the football and basketball million dollar prizes were won.

In addition, 10,000 instant winner cards per sport (good for an assortment of stuff including shopping sprees, video games, and, of course, Fleer cards) were randomly seeded into packs.


One card in every pack of...


NOTE: The 50-card Redemption set is IDENTICAL to the cards inserted into packs EXCEPT...

  • All 50 Redemption cards are produced in equal quantities, and
  • The redemption cards have the statement "THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL GAME CARD" on the back.

In an act of extreme laziness, the backs of the Redemption cards have the same legalese and fine print as the pack-inserted cards.

1 Checklist

2 Derek Jeter

3 Babe Ruth

4 Barry Bonds

5 Brooks Robinson

6 Todd Hundley

7 Johnny VanderMeer

8 Cal Ripken, Jr.

9 Bill Mazeroski

10 Chipper Jones

11 Frank Robinson

12 Roger Clemens

13 Bob Feller

14 Mike Piazza

15 Joe Nuxhall

16 Hideo Nomo

17 Jackie Robinson

18 Orel Hershiser

19 Bobby Thomson

20 Joe Carter

21 Al Kaline

22 Bernie Williams

23 Don Larsen

24 Rickey Henderson

25 Maury Wills

26 Andruw Jones

27 Bobby Richardson

28 Alex Rodriguez

29 Jim Bunning

30 Ken Caminiti

31 Bob Gibson

32 Frank Thomas

33 Mickey Lolich

34 John Smoltz

35 Ron Swoboda

36 Albert Belle

37 Chris Chambliss

38 Juan Gonzalez

39 Ron Blomberg

40 John Wetteland

41 Carlton Fisk

42 Mo Vaughn

43 Bucky Dent

44 Greg Maddux

45 Willie Stargell

46 Tony Gwynn SP

47 Joel Youngblood SP

48 Andy Pettitte SP

49 Mookie Wilson SP

50 Jeff Bagwell SP