1995 Ted Williams Tunnel

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The 1995 Ted Williams Tunnel set was produced by Choice Marketing and Topps to commemorate the December 15, 1995 opening of a highway tunnel that connects Boston's Logan Airport with Interstate 90 and the Massachusetts Turnpike. The set features the tunnel's namesake along with various Massachusetts political leaders, and pictures of the tunnel's construction.

Twelve of the thirteen cards were produced by Choice Marketing, while Topps printed a thirteenth. The Topps card is done in the style of the 1996 Topps set, but unfortunately, is sequentially-numbered as card #9, meaning the set has two card #9.

Only 3000 sets were produced.




  • 1 Ted Williams (tunnel entrance)
  • 2 Ted Williams / William Weld
  • 3 The Super Scoop
  • 4 Ted Williams / Paul Cellucci
  • 5 The Tunnel's Tubes
  • 6 Tunnel Tour
  • 7 Coffer Dam
  • 8 Construction Crew
  • 9a Ted Williams Topps
  • 9b Ted Williams / James J. Kerasiotes
  • 10 Ted Williams (tile signing)
  • 11 Tunnel Ramps
  • 12 Ted Williams (Tunnel plaque)