1990 Red Sox Score Pepsi

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1990 Red Sox Score Pepsi is a 20-card food issue set. One card was glued to the inside of specially-marked 12-packs of Pepsi Cola products distributed throughout New England. Unfortunately, the cards were difficult to remove from the boxes, thus making perfect mint cards worth an extra premium. The reverse sides are virtually identical to that of the 1990 Score flagship set.

Bill Buckner and Lee Smith are in this set, despite leaving the team early in the 1990 season.




NOTE: This set is not sequentially-numbered.

  • Rob Murphy
  • Tony Pena
  • Carlos Quintana
  • Jeff Reardon
  • Jody Reed
  • Luis Rivera
  • Kevin Romine
  • Lee Smith
  • Marty Barrett
  • Mike Boddicker
  • Wade Boggs
  • Bill Buckner
  • Ellis Burks
  • Roger Clemens
  • John Dopson
  • Dwight Evans
  • Wes Gardner
  • Rich Gedman
  • Mike Greenwell
  • Dennis Lamp