1989 Topps Ritz Mattingly

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1989 Topps Ritz Mattingly is a nine-card sheet all featuring the career of Don Mattingly. The set was produced by Topps for Nabisco's Ritz Crackers brand and was available via a mail-in offer involving two proofs of purchase of boxes of Ritz Crackers. The uncut sheet is approximately 14" by 10 5/8". Included on the sheet are eight standard sized cards surrounding one large (5 1/8" by 7") card.

This set is not licensed by MLB Properties, and the Yankee logo has been airbrushed off the card.




1 Don Mattingly

2 Don Mattingly

3 Don Mattingly

4 Don Mattingly

5 Don Mattingly

6 Don Mattingly

7 Don Mattingly

8 Don Mattingly

9 Don Mattingly (oversized)