1981 Topps Thirst Break

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1981 Topps Thirst Break is a 56-"card" set distributed in packs of Topps' Thirst Break Gum. The cards are folded-up pieces of wax paper -- not unlike a Bazooka Joe comic or a 1979 Topps Comic. Only 20 of the 56 cards are of baseball players; the rest from other sports.

Thirst Break Gum was test marketed in the Ohio and Pennsylvania areas.




1 Shortest Ball Game

2 Lefty Gomez

3 Bob Gibson

4 Hoyt Wilhelm

5 Babe Ruth

6 Toby Harrah

7 Carl Hubbell

8 Harvey Haddix

9 Steve Carlton

11 Lou Brock

12 Mickey Mantle

13 Tom Seaver

14 Don Drysdale

15 Billy Williams

20 Christy Mathewson

21 Hank Aaron

22 Ron Blomberg

23 Joe Nuxhall

24 Reggie Jackson

10 Nolan Ryan / Tom Seaver / Steve Carlton