1964 Topps Rookie All-Star Banquet

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This 35-card set was distributed to guests attending the annual dinner honoring the recipients of Topps' Rookie All-Star Team. The dinner took place at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel the evening of October 22, 1964.

Topps decided to abandon the traditional dinner program and instead produced this set, which was distributed as a special keepsake to attendees. Each card in the set is designed as if it were a "page" of a program and is sequentially-numbered in the lower right corner. Cards #8-12 feature composite photos of former award recipients from 1959 through 1963, while cards #13-34A highlight the 1964 winners (each player's picture card is paired with a separate card, written by the public relations director of the player's respective club, which lists his many achievements). Other cards are dedicated to Topps officials and various panel members.

This is one of the rarest card sets of the era and it is believed that fewer than 300 sets were printed.


Factory set only. Distributed to dinner attendees.


Insertion Ratios

Cards Total Cards Numbered To Odds
Base 35 -


26 Tom Mee PR

34 Minor League POY Title Card

28 Burt Hawkins PR

30 Hank Zureick PR

20 Jim Schaaf PR

24 Bill Crowley PR

14 Ed Uhas PR

16 Garry Schumaker PR

13 1964 Rookie AS Title Card

6 Sy Berger / G. MacDonald / H. Feimister / T. Wrigh

2 Tommy Davis / Jeff Torborg / Ron Santo / Billy Wil

3 Luis Aparicio / Sam Bowens / Tom Tresh / Pedro Gon

4 Hank Greenberg / Frankie Frisch / Tim Cohane HOF

5 Jackie Robinson / J. McDermott / J. McKenney

8 Willie McCovey / Joe Koppe / Elijah Green 1959 TRAST

9 Julian Javier / Ron Hansen / Jim Gentile 1960 TRAST

10 Jake Wood / Joe Martin / Dick Howser 1961 TRAST

11 Fred Whitfield / Tom Tresh / Bernie Allen 1962 TRAST

12 Pete Rose / Rusty Staub / Al Weis / Pete Ward 1963 TRAST

1 Title Card

7 Joe Garagiola TRIB

15 Bob Chance

17 Hal Lanier

18 Larry Shenk PR

19 Richie Allen

21 Bert Campaneris

22 Ernie Johnson PR

23 Rico Carty

25 Tony Conigliaro

27 Tony Oliva

29 Mike Brumley

31 Billy McCool

32 Rob Brown PR

33 Wally Bunker

34A Luis Tiant